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Liverpool players, Premier League games, home games, 1-0 defeats Fulham: Player Ratings

Liverpool player ratings

Alisson Becker – 8/10

Today, there is a rhythm to exerting beautiful saves to help the team at least 3 times, especially Carlos Vinicius’ close shot in both the first half and the second half.

Virgil van Dijk – 8/10

There were some difficulties in dealing with Vinicius’ strength, but today there were several good ball tackles that helped the team narrowly save the team.

Ibrahima Konate – 7/10

Found the flexibility of the offensive line, Fulham played some work. But overall it is considered to be doing well. There were many beautiful collisions.

Kostas Tsimikas – 6/10

Get the opportunity to enter the real field in this game. But in general, the form is considered not outstanding. There is almost no rhythm to coordinate with Diaz on the left side. In addition, today the ball was not opened very well on the target.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 8/10

The role remains outstanding with the creation of the midfield game. Today, there are chances to score many long shots in the first half. but unfortunately missed the target Plus today, he also plays a role in helping the defensive game many times.

Fabinho – 7/10

The first half didn’t have much space to play. because they are usually in the middle of the circumference of the visiting team players As for the end of the game, it helps the defensive game so well that the team doesn’t lose a goal in the end.

Liverpool player ratings

Jordan Henderson – 6/10

Have the opportunity to insert and play with the ball often But today, the last moment seems to be too lacking and not making a good decision.

Curtis Jones – 6/10

At the beginning of the game, there are some roles that can connect the ball to the game. But after that the role gradually diminished and there was nothing substantial.

Darwin Nunez – 6/10 

Today I got the opportunity to go into the field as a real player and was able to call a penalty for the team. But other than that, it doesn’t do much. Today, the finishing touch still looks too lacking.

Luis Diaz – 7/10

On the field as a real person continuously Plays a role with the offensive game on the left flank moderately There is a rhythm that has dragged and created many beautiful opportunities for the team.

Mo Salah – 7/10

Scored 1 goal from the penalty shootout in this game. But in other situations, there is a good run with the ball in tight spaces. But always die in the end, whether shooting or paying today doesn’t seem to do very well.