Liverpool 1-0 Fulham: Collected after the Premier League game

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Liverpool 1-0 Fulham: Collected after the Premier League game, the Reds slashed and grabbed 3 points.

Penalty Saves Liverpool

It can be said that it is not much superior to Liverpool. Even if they can play at home. In this game, the Reds have more possession of the ball. Get more chances to finish But lacking sharpness in the final stroke Shoot a lot of birds and fish. While the away team also has a terrifying counter-attack game that makes the home team seem unable to launch a full offensive game. By the turning point that clearly marked the result of tonight’s match. That was a penalty from the moment Diop clear the ball. But was cut off by Nunez and went to hit the Uruguayan spearhead, showing action. fell before the referee blew a penalty. Which Mo Salah didn’t miss in this game Scored the only goal to help the team narrowly collect 3 points.

Fulham is not sharp

This game does not mean that the visiting team will folded on the field to attack on one side. But they made the counter game quite scary. Which seems to cause quite a problem for Liverpool’s defensive line, as well as being able to find opportunities to finish and slip into many shots, especially Carlos Vinicius, who has at least lured the target. Twice, but today, Alisson Becker, the heroic park, saved them all. In addition, the single drop of the ex-boyfriend Harry Wilson. Who returned to choose to pay, but lost weight, allowing Van Dijk to catch up in time. Because if the shooter chooses to shoot himself, perhaps the game may not end like this.

The team collapsed without Mitrovic.

One of the unnamed main commanders in this Fulham game is Alexander Mitrovic, the top striker of the team who scored two goals against Liverpool in the first match. But returned to the hot blood. cursing the FA Cup game decision maker. Who met with Manchester United until he was ban for 8 matches. Which this game was the 7th game of the person. Who had to pay for karma And of course, it makes Fulham’s offensive game lack a lot of fear. And had to end with losing 5 out of 7 games. That he could do but sit and watch from the stand

Liverpool vs rivals for 5th place

Looks like the Reds are getting a bit slow. Even with continuous wins in the latter stages, it will be difficult to overtake Manchester United in the top 4 zone, currently they have 4 points apart, but the Red Devils have 2 remaining games in their hands. Which maybe Liverpool’s goal may only be to maintain fifth place, with Spurs Aston Villa themselves not far from the 5-point gap, only Brighton, who are now 7 points away, but playing fewer games. Reds up to 3 matches, with them having a queue to compete tomorrow with the Red Devils, which results in this pair, regardless of who wins, seems to benefit Liverpool entirely, because if Manchester United wins, Brighton’s chances will squeeze up. Coming to compete for 5th place will drop, but if Brighton wins, it may give the Reds a small chance of finishing in the top 4 a little more with the last 4 games of the season.