Sociedad asks Arsenal to let Tierney go

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Sociedad asks Arsenal to let Tierney go.

  • The player move to work with Arsenal in 2019 for a fee of 25 million pounds.
  • He has a contract with the team until mid-2026.

Real Sociedad are interested in signing Scotland full-back Kieran Tierney on loan. While Arsenal are ready to let the player on a permanent deal as their first option

The 26-year-old full-back dropped off as a substitute last season. When the entry of Oleksandr Zinchenko arrives while this season. The team has signed another Dutchman, Urian Timber. And has been used in the left-back position continuously in recent times All the more to Tierney’s situation. It was even more difficult to compete for the first 11 positions on the team.

Players have interviewed whether moving out or not moving. It’s not all up to him. Enjoy playing at Arsenal. But he did not deny that he need time on the field. And will continue to try for their own chances. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Arsenal signed Tierney from Celtic for the 2019-2020 season under Unai Emery.

Tierney, 24, moved from Celtic. in the Scottish League Came to stay with Arsenal in 2019. Although at first he faced injuries until he had not played much. But the latest season has become the main character of the agency. by playing 27 Premier League games

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said: “Today there is good news for us. Let me speak as a team manager and as a representative of the coaching staff. That working with him was a pleasure whether in terms of talent, energy, determination and professionalism.”