What is tartar, What is it caused by, Is tartar on the teeth dangerous?

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Have you ever noticed that the small area between your gums and teeth has some hard yellow-brown to black stains? If there is, that is Are you experiencing the problem of tartar a common health problem of the gums and teeth? But most people tend to neglect treatment. Of course, this has a very negative effect on oral health. And it may spread to the point of having to have the tooth extracted.

Normally, people still have bacteria left in their mouths even after brushing their teeth every day. When bacteria combine with proteins and food scraps It forms a sticky stain attached to the tooth surface, filling material, or other dental materials, which is called plaque. The bacteria in plaque eat sugar from food and produce acid that destroys tooth enamel. Additionally, the bacteria release toxins that can damage the gums. Which causes tooth decay  as well as other gum and tooth diseases. Therefore สมัคร ufabet, clean your teeth to remove plaque regularly. Thus helping to prevent such oral problems.

However, if you neglect to take care of your oral health properly, Plaque may remain on the tooth surface and gradually combine with various minerals in saliva, hardening until it becomes tartar. This usually occurs on the tooth surface at the junction between the gum and tooth. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and may be one of the causes of various gum and tooth diseases such as receding gums or gingivitis.  Which is difficult to remove tartar by yourself. Therefore, it is necessary for the dentist to use a special tool to scrape it out. And in general, you should see a dentist and have an oral health examination about 2 times a year so that the doctor can evaluate the appropriateness of scaling and check for any abnormalities that may occur.

You can prevent tartar from accumulating between your teeth. the gum line and under the gums easily By the following methods

Avoid starchy and sugary foods. Because starch and sugar are food for microorganisms. If you don’t clean well enough, it will cause plaque. Over time, minerals from saliva and food will precipitate, making it harder every day until it’s hard like stone or what we call limestone .

Eat meals. If you are a person who likes to eat in small bites. Can’t eat a meal Including likes to eat sweets and sweet drinks Stay all day It will cause the accumulation of bacterial plaque from the combination of saliva with food particles left in the mouth until it forms plaque. which is also the cause of tartar formation Therefore, you should eat meals at regular intervals to reduce the causes of plaque formation during the day.

Get rid of plaque properly. The best way to prevent and maintain oral health is Properly removing plaque stains Including brushing your teeth twice a day, morning and evening, and removing food particles stuck between your teeth by using dental floss regularly. Otherwise, there will be an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth until it forms plaque. When left for a long time, it can become tartar, the root cause of gum and tooth health problems.

Use toothpaste that reduces the causes of tartar build-up. It is recommended to choose toothpaste that contains fluoride that protects teeth from acids that bacteria release when they bind to sugar left in the mouth. Which causes tooth decay. In addition, fluoride also helps strengthen tooth enamel. and can also reduce the formation of tartar.