Teeth Whitening Patches, Do They Really Work?

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Teeth whitening strips (White Strips) are an increasingly popular device. Because it helps increase the whiteness and brightness of the teeth as the product name suggests. Teeth whitening patches can be purchased online and are not difficult to use. Although it is popular and convenient But many people may wonder if this device can really help whiten your teeth. Or if used, will there be any side effects?

Today, there are many different brands of tooth whitening patches available. Each brand advertises its ability to whiten teeth differently. Many people who have tried it have found both satisfactory and dissatisfying results. which depends on many factors For those interested in whitening teeth patches Read this article for facts, risks, side effects, precautions, and how to use whitening patches safely.

Most whitening patches are a clear piece of plastic โปรโมชั่น ufabet or a thin film. To use, simply place the patch on the surface of your tooth. and leave it for the specified period of time The inside of the tooth whitening patch is coated with chemicals in the peroxide group, such as hydrogen  peroxide. Substances in this group have germicidal effects and are considered a type of bleach. Each brand or model of tooth whitening patch may have a different concentration of peroxide.

When this substance comes into contact with the tooth surface, saliva or various stains on the tooth, it will have a reaction similar to bleaching and dissolve stains on the tooth surface. When used regularly, it may make your teeth appear whiter or stains on your teeth appear lighter. In terms of results, the whiteness of your teeth may depend on many factors, such as the color of your teeth before bleaching. Concentration of chemicals in tooth whitening patches and duration of consecutive use, etc.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening strips

  • May irritate gums if worn for too long. or used too often
  • May cause tooth enamel to become thinner Or roughness can occur in some people.
  • It may cause damage to dental tools, such as people who have their teeth filled and people who have braces.
  • Some brand name teeth whitening strips may contain chlorine dioxide, which can damage tooth enamel.
  • If stored in a hot area such as in a car or exposed to the sun May cause the quality of the whitening strips to deteriorate.