Smelly navel hygiene problem Should not be overlooked It may be a sign of infection.

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The navel or the round hole that we see on the stomach. Actually it is The scar creat by cutting the umbilical cord, which is important while in the womb, carries nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus. This is an organ that many people overlook to take care of because it is under the umbrella of a cloth. There may be an unwanted smell coming from the navel. Also known as a smelly navel, the most common cause is a bacterial or fungal infection. Sometimes a smelly navel is accompanied by swelling, redness and pain in the nearby area.

A smelly navel can be cause by many reasons. The main factors that cause this symptom include:

bacterial infection This is because a person’s navel area is a hot and humid spot. There are also many types of bacteria living there. Therefore, it facilitates the growth of bacteria to the point of causing infection. Risk factors that may increase infection include navel piercing and not keeping the navel area clean. Accumulation of sweat, soap,UFABET, or residue inside the navel.

Fungal infection Most navel yeast infections are cause by Candida, which is a single-cell, yeast-like fungus. Grows well in areas that are hot and humid. Such as in the organs of the urinary system, in the folds, groin, mouth, nose, and navel. When the fungus grows too much May cause infection Causes swelling, redness, a bad odor, itching, or dirt coming out.

Diabetes:  Patients with diabetes are more likely to develop a smelly navel from a fungal infection. due to high blood sugar levels Yeast fungi also grow from sugar.

Surgery is another common cause. This is because the patient may become infected from surgery. Especially surgery around the navel or drilling a hole in the navel to perform surgery such as female sterilization.

Urine leakage from the navel (Patent Urachus). Normally, the umbilical tube that connects the bladder to the navel closes completely after birth. But in some cases the patient has an umbilical cord that is open. It will cause the leakage of urine that smells bad. And there is also a risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Urachal cysts are the formation of cysts or fluid sacs in the umbilical cord that have not been completely close since birth. This causes fluid to accumulate and become a cyst in the umbilical cord, which can lead to infection. There may be cloudy liquid or blood coming out of the navel, along with a smelly navel.

Sebaceous cysts are a rare cause of a smelly navel. Subcutaneous fat cysts are small raise bumps. This type of cyst may occur in areas with hair follicles and sebaceous glands near the navel. and may cause widespread infection. Especially when scratching the area.