Dangers of bathroom cleaners and how to deal with them

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Bathroom cleaner is a product that most people must have at home to remove stains and reduce the accumulation of germs on bathroom surfaces. This helps the bathroom look clean and hygienic. But on the other hand The corrosive effects of chemicals in bathroom cleaners can also be harmful to users.

Chemicals in bathroom cleaners can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Although the symptoms are usually mild, But if you come into contact with chemicals in bathroom cleaner for a long time or if you have an accident and get that substance into your body, it can be dangerous. Let’s look at how bathroom cleaners affect health, How to use it safely.

If you accidentally touch the bathroom cleaner directly Chemicals may cause irritation. This causes the skin to become dry, itchy, peeling, and develop a red rash from inflammation. The higher the concentration of the bathroom cleaner, Or how long was the exposure? The more severe the symptoms become, the more severe the symptoms become. From just dryness or peeling It may turn into a sunburn, blisters or blisters. Risk of infection and scarring. Therefore ยูฟ่าเบท, the solution to getting toilet cleaner on your skin is to wash it immediately with soap and water. Apply lotion regularly to prevent dry skin. And if there is itching or a wound You should avoid scratching. Because it will cause more irritation.

Chemicals in bathroom cleaner can evaporate, contaminate the air and float into your eyes. It causes a burning sensation, itchy eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, and the skin around the eyelids becomes inflamed to the point of being unable to see clearly. This can have long-term and severe effects on vision, leading to blindness. If the bathroom cleaner splashes into your eyes or feels irritated during use. Immediately rinse your eyes with clean water for 5-15 minutes until you feel better. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this will increase irritation and stimulate eye inflammation. If it doesn’t get better, you should see a doctor immediately for a thorough examination again.

As mentioned above, chemicals in bathroom cleaners can evaporate and contaminate the air. Therefore, inhaling bathroom cleaner directly can have a negative effect on the respiratory system as well. It causes symptoms of a burning nose, throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and dizziness if inhaled regularly. May increase the risk of lung disease. If you have symptoms, you should avoid areas with chemicals. Then the symptoms will disappear on their own. But if the symptoms are severe You should see a doctor to be safe.

Now that you know how dangerous bathroom cleaners can be to the body, I believe that many people have definitely begun to realize the importance of protecting themselves while using bathroom cleaner. You can easily protect yourself from chemicals in bathroom cleaners with these methods.

  • Read the label before use and strictly follow the instructions provided.
  • Wear protective clothing and chemical-resistant gloves every time you clean the bathroom.
  • Wear safety goggles while cleaning the bathroom.
  • Wear a face mask to prevent chemical odors from evaporating into the respiratory tract.
  • Open doors, windows, and ventilation fans while cleaning the bathroom. so that the air can ventilate well
  • Never mix bathroom cleaner with other chemicals. Because it may cause toxic gas.
  • Choose a gentle bathroom cleaner. Free from toxins